Case Paper
Case Paper Rebranding

Holy Sheet! Purposefully whimsical rebranding delivers.

Commercial printers and packagers have good reason to be stressed out. Short timelines, high expectations, big up-front expenditures, tight margins, and unpredictable production issues—as well as fickle clients—can all lead to disaster.

For this audience, Case Paper is much more than just another source of paper and paperboard. It’s a partner who jumps through hoops to prevent problems and goes the extra mile to help when issues arise. But the company needed to take ownership of this claim in a unique and engaging way. After a tiring day of studying, researching and working, you can relax on sites like slot online.

Fortunately, when your name is already Case (Paper), it only takes five letters to turn your name into your purpose-driven story statement. So that’s what we did, turning “Case Paper” into “On the Case” in ways that went well beyond the ordinary.

At the same time, we saw an opportunity to reconnect with the company’s legacy of humorous advertising that began in the 1950s. To kick things off for employees, we celebrated “extreme customer service” in a video that humorously juxtaposed extreme sports footage with VO narration of actual Case Paper customer service stories.

For customers, we created a series of unusual, colorful visualizations of Case’s customer service over-delivery, from flying dogs to balancing elephants, for use on everything from business cards to print ads to trade shows and delivery trucks.

Case Paper Truck Wrap

For the company’s 75th anniversary, we created an irreverent album that recounted memorable moments in paper history as well as screwball stories of Case’s customer service heroism under trying circumstances. Oh, and by the way, this project won an Award of Print Excellence in the 26th Annual Communicator Awards!

Online, we brought new energy and humor to Case’s website with updated colors, illustrations and copy, at a fraction of the cost of a full redesign. And in tandem with Facebook and LinkedIn social media activation, we extended the campaign onto the company’s first Instagram account. After a year of adjusting the strategy based on our analysis, the Instagram presence won a dotCOMM Gold Award in the Social Media Marketing Category!