Empire State Building
Empire State Building Social Media

Who said iconic buildings should be seen and not heard?

Premier travel destination, global landmark and historic American icon.
The Empire State Building and its Observatories stand, literally, above almost every other tourist attraction in New York City.

But with so many options available to the average traveler, this iconic brand wanted to ensure that it could engage with as many would-be visitors as possible, and what better way to do that than over social media?

A Call Heard on High.

Renegade was invited to the scene, and we excitedly put on our cut through thinking caps. Using social listening and competitive analysis, we formulated a comprehensive social media plan for what we now lovingly refer to as “ESB.” Not only would we encourage citizens of the world to make the Empire State Building’s Observatories a can’t-miss part of their vacations via social media, but we would also help rally New York and the world around this one-of-a-kind attraction with a whole lot of history and symbolism—an emotional appeal that really resonates. There’s a reason we call it “The Heart of NYC.”

Illuminating the Internet from 1,454 feet.

Since then, our Renegades have worked in tandem with public relations firm Edelman and ad agency Concept Farm to engage, delight and uplift both travelers and New York residents alike with the goings-on of this remarkably green edifice—celebrity visits, special lightings, the My Empire State Building Photo Contest, the annual 86-story-high Valentine’s Day weddings, breathtaking music-to-light shows—increasing top-of-mind awareness, upping its social footprint ten-fold and helping the building’s tower shine far beyond the borders of New York City.