Human Security
Human Security (formerly White Ops)


Senior marketers are notoriously difficult to reach let alone engage. Dan Lowden, the CMO of Human Security was looking for a way to do both.


During a short consulting engagement, Renegade identified a number of potential ways to engage Human’s target audience including the use of market research. Working closely with the team at Human, we focused on conducting a research study that would be both educational and newsworthy. The topic for the study was based on a knowledge gap that the Human team had identified but had yet to quantify.


Renegade crafted the questionnaire, fielded the research, tested various incentive levels, analyzed the data, ran the crosstabs, and provided a key findings outline. The Human in-house creative team wrote and designed the report.


The 2021 Marketing Fraud Benchmarking Survey and Report provided groundbreaking data on the state of the industry and identified a serious knowledge gap about a major fraud problem. (See the complete press release here.) Importantly, this study generated a significant number of qualified leads since many of the marketers surveyed were quite interested in seeing the results of the study.

The 2021 Marketing Fraud Benchmarking Survey and Report key findings included:

  • Two-thirds of respondents experienced some sort of marketing fraud in the past year.
  • More than 20% of respondents believe that at least a quarter of the contacts in their marketing and sales database are fake, fraudulent, or bots.
  • 43% of respondents could not estimate how much of the traffic coming to their website is bot activity as opposed to the humans they wanted to reach.
  • 33% of respondents said it was the responsibility of the security team to prevent marketing fraud, while 40% said it was the marketing team’s job.
  • While a majority of marketers (75%) are concerned about new data privacy regulations, less than half of respondents regularly remove fake or fraudulent contacts from their marketing and sales databases.

“Marketers know digital fraud is happening, but are struggling to identify and combat it, and the cost is substantial,” said Tamer Hassan, CEO and co-founder of HUMAN Security, formerly White Ops. “We are seeing increasing requests from marketing leaders to help them ensure their campaigns and spend are connecting with the real humans that they want and need to reach. Fraud is a huge industry problem that is negatively impacting companies of all sizes and maturities to the tune of millions of dollars a year.”

Human Security CEO Hassan noted, “Marketers need to get a handle on fraud and take ownership of it in order to protect their budgets, reputation, security practices and compliance to increase their conversion rates, drive business results and outperform their competitors.”

The report revealed additional valuable statistics, top causes for concern and hope in the industry, as well as tactics for stopping marketing fraud and driving better business results. For more information about HUMAN Security, formerly White Ops and the 2021 Marketing Fraud Benchmarking Survey and Report, visit the report’s page.