Panasonic Oxyride

Creating fuzzy feelings to help a battery brand start going, going, going…

Getting consumers to notice a new movie release? Not very hard. Getting consumers to notice a new battery product? A little trickier—and even more so on a tight budget. With this challenge at hand, Renegade teamed up with Panasonic to create a stir for the brand’s Oxyride batteries.

With the goal of “fighting way above our weight class” both in terms of attitude and exposure, Renegade sought to engage heavy users of batteries with the help of an unheralded cause, the need for bunny neutering. With tongues firmly planted in our “who us?” cheeks, we let the media know that bunny neutering was an important issue, one that warranted their immediate attention since non-neutered males grow up to be more aggressive and non-neutered female bunnies have a higher incidence of cervical cancer. So far, so true.

Neuter Your Bunny

This was a classic Renegade guerrilla idea. We declared June 14th “Neuter Your Bunny Day,” and the campaign had Panasonic underwriting bunny-neutering procedures, donating to the House Rabbit Society and sending a branded VW bus (affectionately dubbed the “Neuter Scooter”) out into NYC streets to promote the cause. We also launched an informational website and issued standard and multimedia press releases declaring the relatively unknown benefits of both bunny neutering and of Oxyride batteries.

Hopping for joy

Though we never ever mentioned a competitor who just happened to have a spokes-rabbit, the press from Time Magazine to the New York Times interpreted the campaign as a hilarious jab with headlines like “Oxyride Out to Neuter the Energizer.”

As a result of “Neuter Your Bunny,” sales and distribution expanded, Panasonic was named Brandweek’s prestigious “Guerilla Marketers of the Year,” and also won a PETA “Glitterbox” award for using advertising to promote respect and kindness to animals.