Richline Wearable Style News

Because as function needs fashion, marketing needs service.

The intersection between fashion and technology is growing. In fact, it’s going to be rather huge, and trendy buys like the Apple Watch are just the base of this soon-to-be treasure pile.

Among the first looking to capitalize on the wearables category was luxury giant Berkshire Hathaway. Its Richline Brands company sought to establish thought leadership in this emerging category and turned to Renegade for out-of-the-jewelry-box ideas, which just so happen to be our specialty. Immediately, we knew that Richline would need to make its way into the daily lives of influencers and, of course, future retail buyers in the world of fine jewelry.

Thus, Wearable Style News arrived on the scene.

Part blog, part Twitter presence, part newsletter, WSN aggregates content on wearable technology from around the Internet in a way that no other outlet has yet. It’s working to establish Richline as an authority on all things wearable—not just what glitters—“Because Function Needs Fashion.”

Marketing as Service

Wearable Style News not only delights fans of functioning fashion with a daily niche news fix, but helps build important relationships for both Richline and those in-the-know in the industry. A tight-knit community of wearable worshippers means platinum-grade brand recognition for Richline.