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December 29, 2021

16 Podcasts for Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Other Humans

by Renegade

Here’s a resolution for you: thank the hosts of your favorite podcasts by writing a review or a leaving a comment on their LinkedIn page. Why? Because producing a high-quality show is a shit ton of work. We counted 34 steps to produce Renegade Marketers Unite and that didn’t even include the prep time I put in for each interview. Very few podcasters actually make money from their shows so hearing from listeners is truly special and helps rationalize all the time invested.

To inspire you on this endeavor, I’d like to thank the 16 hosts who were kind enough to have me on their shows this fall. These fine people produce exceptional shows. The list below is in alphabetical order by the host’s first name, a random choice to avoid showing favorites.

  1. Aaron Armstrong’s Winners Wallets and Worldviews

This show reflects Aaron‘s unique perspective on the world. He interviews expert business leaders, military leaders, entrepreneurs like yours truly, professional athletes and world-class performers to motivate listeners be somebody by learning insights on business, leadership, and life.

  1. Adam Turinas’ The Healthtech Marketing Podcast

This is a relatively new show especially geared for marketers in the healthtech industry. Adam is a seasoned marketer and does a great job extracting insights from his guests in order to push the boundaries of healthtech marketing.

  1. Andy Paul’s Sales Enablement

If you’re in sales, chances are you’ve listened to one of the over 1000 episodes Andy has cranked out in the last 5 years. What’s more remarkable than the quantity is the depth of inquiry and the consistent quality of each and every show.  Given the increasing intersection of sales and marketing, marketers too will find this show invaluable.

  1. Alan Hart’s Marketing Today

I’ve been a listener to Alan’s show for many years and find it remarkable that even on the occasion when we’ve had the same CMO guests, he manages to pull something out of them that I missed. Since I never cover B2C marketers, this show should be on the top of the list for any marketer targeting consumers.

  1. Biz Davis’s The Recipe

Biz is on a mission to help Abacus clients and the greater Toronto marketing community he represents, be bold strategically and tactically. In each episode, Biz keeps the conversational lively, interjecting issues he sees everyday and extracting insights from every guest.

  1. Chris Mechanic’s 3-Minute Marketing

I love how Chris gets his guests to give you 3 minutes of insights since this makes each guest really think through in advance what they will share. Chris’ approach guarantees that these “wisdom bombs” gleaned from a wide range of really sharp and accomplished marketers are worth your time.

  1. Christoph Trappe’s The Business Storytelling Show

Christoph is a delightful interviewer who makes his guests comfortable and thus more likely to share fresh stories versus the prepackaged ones you might hear on other shows. In our episode together, we talked about why brands need to be distinctly different, the importance of experimentation, how to generate employee advocacy and a lot more.

  1. David Hollenbach’s Embers to Excellence

What I love about this show is that there’s a tremendous amount of honesty and sharing of not just what’s worked but also the lessons learned when things got tough. David hosts a wide range of entrepreneurs all with the goal of inspiring the listener to overcome obstacles, both real and imaginary.

  1. David Lewis’s DemandGen Radio

David is one of the top experts on all things demand gen having built a highly successful agency that was recently acquired by BDO. This expertise comes out in every episode in the form of sharp questions and on-the-fly analysis. He’s also a high-energy guy that keeps the show as lively as it is informative.

  1. Douglas Burdett’s The Marketing Book Podcast

Douglas is the only host on this list (to my knowledge) who has also trained as a stand-up comedian. With his legendary light touch, he makes the experience incredibly fun for the guest and entertaining for the listener. Oh and I can also guarantee you’ll be a better, more inspired marketer if you listen to Douglas’ show given the high caliber of authors he features every week of the year.

  1. Drew Neisser’s Renegade Marketers Unite

Though it is cheeky to include oneself on a list like this, please note that I did actually interview myself using two mics and it was a bit of an ordeal. I committed to being tougher on myself than any other host on this list and no doubt succeeded in being my own worst critic. Lest you doubt me, fast forward to near the end of the episode when I refer to my alter ego as a “nut job.”

  1. Ian Truscott’s Rockstar CMO

Ian is both a CMO and a student of marketing. Ever curious, he dives deep into the biggest issues facing CMOs and believes that B2B marketing can be so much better than it typically is. He also knows how to butter up his guests in a way that makes them feel appreciated and even more committed to sharing useful knowledge.

  1. Jeff Wickersham’s Morning Fire for Entrepreneurs

Jeff has created a show that is a perfect complement to your early AM routine. Designed to pump up entrepreneurs for the challenges of the day, this show is a burst of positivity when we all need it the most. You get to meet a wide range of entrepreneurs each sharing their routines and their success stories.

  1. Josh Steimle’s The Published Author Podcast

Josh is an accomplished entrepreneur, speaker, and book author in his own right. His goal with this podcast is to inspire entrepreneurs to write a book and create a thought leadership system. Even though I’m a veteran having now published two books, I find myself taking notes during all of Josh’s interviews.

  1. Tyler Wagner’s Author’s Unite

On Tyler’s show, you will meet a wide range of authors, each sharing how their book came into being and what a reader can expect to learn from these books. If you have ever considered writing a book, you will find this show both helpful and inspiring.

  1. Will Whitham’s CMO Convo

Will does a great job getting the most out of his guests including yours truly. Will’s thoughtful questions challenge the guest and the listener all with the intent of helping marketers get better at their craft. I particularly enjoyed his interview with Jon Miller, CMO of DemandBase.

If you’re a fan of other marketing-related podcasts, please let me know your favorites. And if you’d like to have me on your show in 2022, give me a holler.