September 18, 2015

5 Useful New Features You Could Use in iOS 9 that You Couldn’t Use in iOS 8

by Renegade01

The latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS9, was released yesterday, and it introduces a whole host of new updates. Want to know what’s different about this new edition? To help you navigate, I’ve rounded up 5 awesome tricks you probably didn’t know about the new iOS 9.

1.    Search the Setting


Photo courtesy of MacRumor.

iOS 9 makes finding obscure settings much easier by including a universal search function. Instead of having to browse through list after list of settings, you can simply search for exactly what you’re looking for.  If you enter the search term ‘Location,’ all the setting options related to location will show up on a list, such as Location Services, Reset Location and Privacy, Location and Share My Location.

2.  Go Back-Button

Photo courtesy of MacRumor.

Like any smart TV that allows you to flip back and forth between channels, the new apple back button allows you to switch between two apps.  If you receive a notification in an app and click through, a small button appears in the top left (replacing the network status) that, if pressed, takes you straight back to the previous app you were using.

3. Information on Battery Drainage

 Photo courtesy of FieldGuide.

Ever wondered why your battery drains so fast? This new setting can tell you exactly where your battery life is going. The iPhone now offers a break down of exactly what is using up the battery, and how much time your phone spends in use and on standby. As an additional bonus, Apple has thrown in a new “Low Power Mode,” which according to Tim Cook, “uses levers you’ve never heard of,” to reduce battery usage.  When Low Power Mode is enabled, background activity, motion effects, and animated wallpapers are all disabled. To take this a step further, battery information is also displayed in the Notification Center for your other personal iOS devices, like the Apple Watch.

4. Selfie and Screenshot Folder

Photo courtesy of MacRumor.

The new “Selfies” folder categorizes all pictures taken with the ‘front-facing’ camera, while the new “Screenshots” folder aggregates all photos taken by holding down the power button and the home button simultaneously. These new folders make it a lot easier to segregate the different types of photos taken from your phone. But that’s not all, iOS 9 also lets you hide more sensitive images from view as well. On the share menu you’ll find a handy new “Hide” option, which allows you to hide and unhide photos and videos.

5. Wi-Fi Assist

Photo courtesy of FieldGuide.

Do you constantly have to switch between Wi-Fi and Data? The iPhone now has a setting that can do it for you! Wi-Fi Assist is a cool new feature for situations when your data connection is more reliable than your Wi-Fi. When enabled, the feature will automatically switch to cellular data when the Wi-Fi connection starts to weaken.

The iOS 9 updates just made life a whole lot easier! If you don’t own an iPhone yet – I suggest you go buy one now. Way to go Apple!

This post was written by Renegade intern Ria Doshi.