January 23, 2019

Augmented Reality Aided and Abetted 19 Crimes

by Renegade

AI. Machine Learning. Augmented Reality. Today’s CMO has to be both artist and technician to keep up with all the new tools that are coming down the line.

Unfortunately, this marriage of technology with creativity often feels forced. If it’s not done properly, the tech/marketing combo can seem disjointed from the overall brand story.

Not so with Australian winemaker, 19 Crimes. It’s designed an augmented reality app that literally brings to life some of the historic (criminal) characters who were exiled from 18th-century Britain to found the new colony of Australia.

(Click image, below, to see the augmented reality application in action)

The attention grabbing in-store wine bottle labels are augmented with video clips of the criminals discussing their crimes—along with their pioneering plans for a new life down under.

The story speaks to both the history of Australia and the brand itself (criminals convicted of a specific “19 crimes” were sent to Australia instead of the gallows pole). It’s eerie, evocative and it’s a perfect example of storytelling done right—using emerging technologies to augment and enhance a brand’s message.

And the results? 19 Crimes has become the fastest growing wine brand in the world (a 60% increase in volume in 2017, and growing!)

So, embrace the marketing tools at your disposal. Just make sure your brand message is augmented—and not overtaken—by the technology.

Use great tools. Tell great stories.