February 6, 2019

Click, baby, click!

by Alex D'Amore

Maybe this scenario has happened to you. You get a report of a spike in clicks for your widgets—and a chain reaction of events kicks in to capitalize on the momentum.

Your blog post just got 100,000 views, so you commission a bunch more posts on the same topic. Or perhaps your newsletter sales pitch generated more clicks than ever. Awesome right? Take a look at this 1 minute video from Adobe to see what their B2B marketing division has to say on the matter (spoilers below!).


Well, if you watched the video, the outcome and the message is self-explanatory. And if you didn’t watch the video, then I’ll ask you directly: Do you know what your marketing is doing?

So often, our marketing goals are driven by direct-result metrics like clicks, shares, and yes—even conversions. But these metrics are not the whole story—they are elements that should be working in tandem with your overall marketing strategy (and in sync with your stakeholders, staff, customers, suppliers, and so on).

To tell a great story, first make sure everyone is on the same page.