October 13, 2015

Co-Operative Insurance Develops Unique Interactive Social Media Campaign

by Renegade01

Research from The Co-Operative Insurance has revealed that four in five drivers associate their first set of wheels with fond memories of the past. According to the report, over 69% of  respondents love to ‘car-oke,’ and sing along to music in their cars.

Capitalizing on these findings, The Co-Operative Insurance launched its biggest social media campaign on September 14th   , called “Nostalgia FM.” Nostalgia FM is a musical flashback to when you passed your driving test. It prompts users to enter the month and year they passed, which then creates a playlist of hit tunes during that time.

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How does it work?

  • Users type in the date they passed their test to get a list of tracks that were popular around that time.
  • Users are then prompted to share their results on social media, or listen to the tracks on Spotify.

Over the course of 5 days, the interactive tool welcomed 200,000 engagements on Twitter and Facebook (which includes likes, comments, views, re-tweets and favorites). In only 24 hours, The Co-Operative Insurance’s twitter followers increased by 6%. The conversation surrounding the campaign  surpassed twitter’s 1.5% barometer for engagement, reaching a figure of 5.3%. The campaign also successfully captured the attention of celebrities, including Vanessa Feltz and Lisa Snowdon. The impressive success of the campaign highlights the fact that social media is playing a pivotal role in The Co-Operative Insurance’s marketing and customer offering strategy through houston insurance broker. According to the company’s Director of Marketing, Charles Offord, “We will build on the success of this campaign to continue to engage with our customers and members in new and appealing ways.”

The campaign has two key virtues – the web page loads quickly, and it gives people the opportunity to listen to the playlist via a preinstalled app or a default web player. The musical jukebox harbors 650 individual spotify playlists to cover 55 years between 1960-2015, with over 1,600 songs. Overall, the campaign is a great way to get their brand name out there by creatively engaging with their customers.

This post was written by Renegade intern Ria Doshi.