January 30, 2014

Have You Seen My Hat?

by Renegade01

While last Sunday’s GRAMMYs showcased some amazing helmets and hats that you will surely see on the street this year, brands took this opportunity in the social space and reacted promptly by claiming rights to the most wanted prize – Pharrell Williams’ oversized hat. During big events like this, marketers jump on the opportunity to make funny content and gain brand exposure.

Here are some brilliant brand tweets that might inspire you for the next big event, such as the Oscars on March 2.


Arby’s certainly was the secret sponsor behind the hat.

Or maybe it was Smokey Bear’s.

They looked pretty good together.

Who knew laundry detergent could be a trendsetter?

Vogue revealed that it’s vintage style.

It’s officially on ELLE Magazine.

Professor Snape wasn’t happy about the stolen Sorting Hat.

And then there is Pharrell-hat-inspired art, from Toy Story…

To the New Yorker illustration.

Finally, Quaker Man found his counterpart on the red carpet — now we know why he’s smiling.

To make a splash during the Oscars for your own brand, look out for celebrities wearing funky clothing, making funny faces in the audience, and their meme-worthy moments onstage and backstage. We know you love celeb-initiated memes like “Lawrencing” as much as we do!