August 1, 2018

Your Inbound and Outbound Lead Gen Must Have THIS…

by Renegade

Do you know the one thing that ALL inbound and outbound lead generation strategies need to succeed?

(See the answer below, but first consider this):

Where do you “lead” your inbound leads – and what do you give them when they get there? How do you market to outbound prospects? You give them content, right?

Sometimes that content is your product’s spec sheet. Or it may be a blog post about marketing trends. In a worst case scenario, you might even succumb to tweeting about “Awkward Moments Day” (Mar. 18). But this type of sporadic, disconnected content is inconsistent and ineffective.

What’s still missing from most lead generation strategies (and the answer to our question above), is a “Story Hub.” A Story Hub acts as the fuel that drives your consistent, comprehensive and compelling brand story no matter what channels and activities you’re using to target your customers.

Does it work?

Yes! (And the added benefit is that your B2B competitors haven’t caught on to this concept yet).

Do you have a Story Hub? Do you want one?

If you’re not sure, call or text me (917 679 8852). We can help.