July 9, 2015

Moms and The Mobile-Market

by Renegade01

Ever find that perfect pair of shoes while scrolling through Instagram? Realize you’re about to run out of diapers and don’t have time to get to the store? Dilemmas like these are now easier to solve as a result of the increasing popularity of mobile shopping. The online retail marketplace is expanding, and some savvy brands are jumping on the mobile shopping bandwagon as quickly as they can.


Photo courtesy of Mashable

While the primary source of online shopping is still a laptop or desktop computer, 15% of purchases happen on mobile, and that number is increasing annually. Diapers.com is capitalizing on the early adopters of this shopping habit: new moms. Studies show that mothers have almost three-fourths of the purchasing power of a household; in order to establish brand loyalty, especially for a commodity like diapers, targeting Moms is the key to repeat purchases.

To cater to this target and ease the transaction of a mobile purchase, Diapers.com has a mobile app tailored to single-handed use, as well as offering same-day delivery. Moms who are up late at night on the app will see messages such as “Working the night shift? Us, too!”

However, Diapers.com is not the only online retailer to streamline the process of mobile shopping. Amazon’s mobile app is one of the most popular and is used by nearly half of Millennials. Etsy’s, Forever 21’s and Wanelo’s mobile apps have also become extremely popular among the 18-34 demographic. Grocery store Peapod also released a new mobile app this past week.

Additionally, shopping has become integrated into the experience of social media, with the introduction of buyable pins on Pinterest and “buy” buttons on Instagram. Having the ability to purchase directly from social media platforms, as well as shop on-the-go from your mobile app, makes nearly instant gratification a reality.

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Photo courtesy of Forbes

So, what entices users to make the switch from their traditional shopping methods? As seen in the graphic above, users choose to shop on their mobile devices primarily because they are easier to navigate than the mobile site, and for discounts and pure price incentives.

Would introducing a mobile app for your brand help facilitate and add value to the consumer experience? If so, you might benefit from investing in the mobile marketplace.