January 16, 2019

Show Don’t Tell

by Renegade

There are two brand videos below. Each is only a few minutes long. Both use emotion to tell a story. But I think you will find that one of the two clearly stands out as a better story – and consequently a better brand story overall – for that company.

(Warning: Spoiler Alert)

Of course, it’s subjective but I’m guessing you chose the video from Google as the better, more emotionally compelling story.


Well, although the Airbnb story was interesting and poignant, it was delivered in a narrator’s voice. It was someone telling you, the viewer, what happened at points A & B (and Airbnb!) in the story.

Now, contrast that with Google’s video – where the story literally unfolds in front of you. Nobody is explicitly narrating the story, so your own emotions and imagination allow you to internalize the story that much more effectively.

And the moral of this story?

Show. Don’t tell.

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