August 14, 2015

Social News Roundup | August 14, 2015

by Renegade01

1. “Boxes” Redesigns Organization: A Discovery Platform for Belongings


Photo courtesy of Social Times

A new app named “Boxes” is designed to help users organize their personal belongings, as well as have the option to share them with or sell them to others. Check out the new app here.


2. Instagram Tops Snapchat and Vine in Satisfaction and Buzz (Report)


Photo courtesy of SocialTimes

In a survey of 2,100 adults, Instagram topped Snapchat and Vine in both buzz and satisfaction ratings. Discover the full details of the findings here.


3. LinkedIn Dos and Don’ts for Business [Infographic]


Photo courtesy of Social Media Today

Your business can attract potential customers and employees by having a polished LinkedIn profile. Advice for a professional profile, such as using simple language, can be viewed in this infographic.


4. How Can You Do Data Better?

Photo courtesy of SocialTimes                     

With the seemingly endless amount of data to which companies now have access, many have a hard time identifying the most important trends for their specific business objectives. Companies can use data more effectively by first figuring out what they need to learn. See how you can tackle big data in this article by SocialTimes.


5. Report: Digital Natives Do Everything From Mobile Devices

Photo courtesy of SocialTimes

Early adopters — millenialls — spend an average of 17.3 hours using technology per day, with the majority of that time being spent on smartphones. See the full results of the study by Refuel Agency here.