February 18, 2015

Social News Roundup | February 18, 2015

by Renegade01

1) Sweden is the World’s Most Romantic Country, Says Twitter


Photo Courtesy of Social Times

Twitter tracked Tweets mentioning the phrase “I love you” in over 100 different countries and found that Sweden was the most romantic nation in the world. Read more…

2) Words with Friends Players Spill the Beans on Valentine’s Day [Infographic]


Photo Courtesy of Social Times

Zynga has revealed the results of its fourth annual Valentine’s Day survey, which saw almost 70,000 Words with Friends players, share how they express their love (and respond to romantic language) both in the real world, and in the game. Read more…

3) Inmate gets 37.5 Years in Solitary Confinement for 38 Facebook Posts


Photo Courtesy of Social Times

The South Carolina Department of Corrections has been bringing down the hammer hard on inmates who are caught posting to social networks. Read more…

4) Facebook’s iOS App Gets Noisy


Photo Courtesy of Social Times

Are you hearing strange sounds while navigating the Facebook iOS application? Don’t worry: You’re not going crazy. Read more…

5) Valentine’s Day: Nanigans Examines Facebook Costs per Click


Photo Courtesy of Social Times

Social marketing platform Nanigans, a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer, examined trends in costs per click for ads on the social network during the period around Valentine’s Day 2014. Read more…

6) Foursquare Eliminates Barriers To Mobile App


Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

Reducing barriers to entry, Foursquare no longer requires new users to sign up for an account before accessing its mobile application. Read more…

7) Oakley Launches Global ‘Obsession’ Campaign With Athletes


Photo Courtesy of MediaPost

Action-gear company Oakley is launching a global digital push, “One Obsession,” whose goal is to get people to “join the brand’s global network of renowned athlete ambassadors in living out their passions,” the company says. Read more…