February 4, 2015

Social News Roundup | February 4, 2015

by Renegade01

1) Pinterest Expands Promoted Pins, Enhances Brand Presence 

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Expanding its Promoted Pins business, Pinterest is testing ads in users’ home feeds and other locations. Read more…


2) Consumers ‘Blind’ To Branded Content on Social Media

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It’s no secret that marketers have been (very) annoyed by Facebook’s repeated moves to cut their organic reach of their branded content – after all, what was the point of assiduously building up your fan following over years and years if you can’t even reach them any more? Read more…


3) Twitter Has More ‘Hidden’ Users Than Active Users (Which Means It’s Bigger Than You Think)

Photo Courtesy of Social Times

While one in five adult internet users worldwide are technically active on the Twitter platform, more than one in three regularly visit Twitter without even logging in. Read more…


4) Consumer Trust In Social Networks Up from Last Year

Photo Courtesy of Social Times

Facebook and Pinterest remain the most trusted social networks for product recommendation and shopping, according to the Social Recommendation Index released by Social Media Link. Read more…


5) Facebook Launches Place Tips, Giving More Location-Based Info

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Facebook recently announced a new feature – place tips – which surfaces richer content based on your location from people you know. Read more…


6) Twitter tests ‘Instant Timelines’ – with tweets from users you don’t follow

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Signing up for Twitter can be a tedious and confusing process for new users. Read more…


7) Average User has 5.54 Social Media Accounts, Says Study

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How many social media accounts do you have? Facebook, almost certainly. Probably Twitter and Instagram. LinkedIn for work, of course. Maybe you tried Google+. What about Snapchat, Tumblr, Vine and Pinterest? Read more…