January 9, 2015

Social News Roundup | January 9, 2015

by Renegade01

1) Golden Globes is getting social

Photo Courtesy of AllFacebook

This Sunday night the Golden Globes will be incorporating two new social aspects into their event — a Facebook Booth on the red carpet, where celebs can share video messages with fans, and portraits of the winners taken backstage by renowned photographer Ellen von Unwerth, which will be shared immediately on the Golden Globes Instagram account. Read more…


2) Record, edit and post video with the new Twitter app

Photo Courtesy of Media Bistro

Previously the only way to share videos on Twitter was via Vine, which only allowed for clips of 6 seconds in length. It’s reported that the new Twitter app may allow for longer clips. Read more… 


3) Marketers plan Facebook content further in advance than Twitter content

Photo Courtesy of Media Bistro

A new study finds that 25% of marketing executives work a month or more in advance on Facebook content whereas only 16% work on Twitter content that far in advance. Read more…


4) Generalized best times to post

Photo Courtesy of Media Bistro

Facebook engagement rates peak on Thursdays and Fridays, 5pm is the best time of day to tweet for the highest number of retweets and 8pm-11pm is the best time of day to post a pin on Pinterest. To find more interesting stats click here. 


5) How to find out which social media content will resonate the most with your audience?

Photo Courtesy of Media Bistro

Studying past campaigns and current user behavior seems to be the way the majority of marketers determine what will engage their audience. Read more…


6) Snapchat Ad success!

Photo Courtesy of Social Times

Data finds that 44% of Snapchat users enjoy “Brand Stories” and 60% like sponsored “Our Stories”. Read more…


7) Doritos releases its ‘Crash the Super Bowl’ Ad Finalists

Photo Courtesy of AdWeek

Now that Doritos has narrowed it down to the top ten you can vote here for your favorite independent filmmaker-created ad to be aired during the Super Bowl. Read more…