July 27, 2015

Social News Roundup | July 27, 2015

by Renegade01

1. 3 Creative Ways to Use Twitter Hashtags to Promote Your Business


Photo courtesy of SocialTimes

Many brands make use of relevant hashtags, but hashtag strategies such as encouraging loyal customers to create content can elevate your brand’s presence. Learn all three hashtag tips here.


2. How to Create Compelling Live Broadcasts with Meerkat or Periscope


Photo courtesy of Adweek

Brands can benefit from being early adopters of live streaming applications Meerkat and Periscope. SocialTimes reveals how to create compelling content on both of these platforms.

3. How to Write Great Copy for Every Social Network [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Photo courtesy of Social Media Today

Each social media platform requires carefully curated content and unique language in order to spread the right message. Find out how to enhance your brand’s copy from this infographic.


4. What Brands Can Learn from Customer Conversations on Social Media


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Social media is more than just an advertising tool—conversations on social can enlighten brands of what consumers want and can be used to increase customer satisfaction at a lower cost. Discover the full potential of customer conversations on social media here.


5. Can a Facebook Page Replace a Small Business Website?


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According to Facebook, there are currently 40 million active pages for small businesses. Many small businesses wonder if having a Facebook page is enough. Well, apparently it isn’t. Foregoing a website may cost your small business, and here’s why.