July 31, 2015

Social News Roundup | July 31, 2015

by Renegade01

1. 6 Pinterest Marketing Tips You Can Use Today


Photo courtesy of Social Media Today

Only five percent of U.S. businesses are active on Pinterest, despite the platform proving effective in driving sales. Check out the six tips for optimizing your Pinterest profile here.


2. 6 Quick Tips for Using Social Media to Boost SEO


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Maintaining a robust social presence can help you improve your SEO.  Using hashtags, gaining followers and using external inbound links can help boost your rankings. Find out all of the ways to use social media to better your brand’s SEO.


3. 4 Best Practices for Brands Partnering With Short-Form Content Creators


Photo courtesy of SocialTimes

Influencer marketing has expanded beyond the blog space, and is now a powerful tool for targeting Millennials on many mobile apps like Youtube, Vine and Instagram. When partnering with these short-form content creators, tips like giving them creative freedom can lead to a more effective campaign. All four best practices can be found on SocialTimes.


4. Report: Social Media Apps Are the First Used Each Day


Photo courtesy of Social Times

Opera Mediaworks has released a report detailing engagement on various apps at different points in the day. While news and information apps presented the most loyal users, social media apps were the first apps accessed each day. Find the full report here.


5. How Can Brands Use Snapchat? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Photo courtesy of Social Media Today

Although advertising efforts on Snapchat have been limited thus far, brands can join the bandwagon and target teens through contests and behind the scenes footage.  Check out the complete infographic on Social Media Today.