November 20, 2014

Social News Roundup | November 20,2014

by Captain Pinky
  • In 2015, Posts which are “Too promotional” will get Minimal Reach on Facebook

    Photo Courtesy of Newsroom.fb

    After Facebook spent some time analyzing its data to better understand what users like to see in their news feeds, they found that the content users considered “too promotional” was actually coming from pages they like, rather than ads. So, what does this mean? Facebook pages that post promotional content will see a significant decrease in their organic distribution beginning in 2015. Read more…

  • Facebook Mobile Ads Are The Way To Go During The Holiday Shopping Season

    Photo Courtesy of AllFacebook

    New research has found that 75% of social media users who interact with ads are most likely to do so with mobile ads on Facebook. Expect prices for these types of ads to soar! Read more…

  • Tumblr and Pinterest are Two of the Fastest Growing Social Media Sites<

    Photo Courtesy of MediaBistro

    New data shows that during the past 6 months Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram have grown 120%, 111% and 64% respectively whereas Twitter has only grown 26% and Facebook only 2%. Read more…

  • Changes In Tumblr’s Format Upsets Its Core User Base

    Photo Courtesy of SocialTimes

    Yahoo acquired Tumblr 18 months ago and just recently decided to introduce video ads to derive revenue from the site. This resulted in a lot of angry Tumblr users, with over 500,000 signatures on a page petitioning the recent changes. Read more…

  • Snapcash Allows You To Pay Friends In The Blink Of An Eye

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    After inputting their debit or credit card information, Snapchat users can now easily send money to each other in private messages via a new feature called Snapcash. This is Snapchat’s first ever partnership with another company. Read More…

  • Local Facebook Page Engagements > Global Facebook Page Engagement

    Photo Courtesy of AllFacebook

    A new study has found that local Facebook pages receive 107% more interactions than global pages. Read more…

  • Facebook At Work

    Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

    Facebook is working on a website called “Facebook at Work,” which will allow users to “chat with colleagues, connect with professional contacts and collaborate over documents.”. Read more…


  • Facebook Releases Facebook Groups App

    Photo Courtesy of AllFacebook

    According to Facebook’s co-founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, around 700 million users interact with Facebook groups on a monthly basis. The new stand-alone app is meant to help users share information with their groups more easily and quickly. Read more…