November 26, 2014

Social News Roundup | November 26, 2014

by Renegade01

1. Happy Thanksgiving from your favorite viral family!

The Holderness Family has done it again, this time with a cover of Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass,” entitled “All About That Baste.” Read more…


2. A new Snapchat ad format

Photo courtesy of Ad Age

Snapchat teamed up with Samsung to roll out a new ad format in the American Music Awards “story” on Sunday night. Read more…


3. Controversial Yik Yak app raises $62 Million

Photo courtesy of Social Times

The controversy surrounding the app does not seem to be slowing down its growth, with The Wall Street Journal valuing the company at $300-400M not even a year after its launch. Read more…


4. Workers prefer to keep their professional accomplishments off social media

Photo courtesy of Social Times

A new study finds that only 15% of workers share their professional accomplishments over social media. Read more..


5.  Making the the most of the online shopping season

Photo courtesy of Shopify

This awesome infographic outlines the best approach to take for companies looking to increase their online sales.


6. How ignoring your cellphone, virtual fruit and store discounts are related  

Photo courtesy of The Straits Times

The Apple Tree app, created by three college students, rewards users who ignore their cellphones with virtual fruit, which can then be exchanged for real life discounts. Read more…