April 11, 2022

5 Top-Rated B2B Creative Agencies

by Melissa Caffrey

The B2B marketing space is becoming more and more competitive, which is why many marketers are turning for top-notch creative services to help them catch customer attention, increase brand visibility, and boost their demand generation efforts.

Finding the right creative agency can be difficult. Platforms like Google and LinkedIn make it easier than ever to do your own research on firms, which makes it that much harder to find an agency that offers superior service, goes above and beyond your expectations, and fits in your marketing budget.

To condense the search into a more palatable list, we reached out to our CMO network at CMO Huddles for recommendations and poked around the internet for agencies that specialize in B2B. Below, find an overview of 5 vetted, top-rated creative agencies who have done great work for B2B clients. Let’s jump right in.

1. Something Familiar

Location(s): Bristol, UK

Website: https://www.somethingfamiliar.co.uk/


  • Strategy & Positioning
  • Naming & Branding
  • Logo & Visual Identity
  • Web Design & Digital
  • Packaging & Collateral
  • Event & Environment
  • Advertising & Social Media

B2B Client Highlight: Appcast

Appcast reached out to Something Familiar to develop new branding and a website that could keep up with the recruitment tech platform’s rapid growth. From there, the creative agency translated Appcast’s personality traits into a new brand voice, a simplified logo, and a bold, stunning visual identity.

This informed Appcast’s new website, which Something Familiar designed to focus on engaging content and easy UX with a tried-and-true CMS combo with Elementor and WordPress.

Here’s what Appcast CMO Heather Salerno had to say about the agency in a recent Renegade Marketers Live: “Through partnership with this expert agency, they led us through this incredible process and were with us each step of the way. We were guided by fantastic partners.”

2. Innovation Protocol

Location(s): Los Angeles, California

Website: https://innovationprotocol.com/


  • Brand Discovery (e.g., Competitive Analysis, SEO Audit, Industry Audit)
  • Brand Research (e.g., Quantitative and Qualitative Research)
  • Brand Strategy (e.g., Brand Positioning, Messaging, Employer Branding)
  • Brand Design (e.g., Visual System, Logo/Trademarks, Brand Guidelines)
  • Brand Activation (e.g., Employee Training, Sales Sheets, Packaging)

B2B Client Highlight: Verance

Verance’s flagship product, Cinavia® set the global standard for protecting filmed entertainment content on physical media. But with the decline of Blu-ray and DVD ownership, the company needed a way to support its legacy product while pursuing new technology solutions. To address this issue, they partnered with Innovation Protocol to migrate to their portfolio of offerings and clarify their brand position.

Innovation Protocol helped Verance veer away from over-technical jargon to a more human, values-based way of communicating. They helped to establish Verance as an ingredient brand, developing targeted messaging, a comprehensive visual system, a new logo, and new brand guidelines to enable flexibility as Verance expanded its capabilities.

3. StrataBeat

Location(s): Burlington, MA

Website: https://stratabeat.com/


  • Brand Strategy
  • Branding & Web Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Measurement & Analysis

B2B Client Highlight: Vi3

Stratabeat partnered with Vi3 to help the data intelligence platform articulate its brand in a unique, powerful way. They made Vi3’s rebranding process seamless, delivering a new brand name and logo, website, sales deck, collateral, and a 156-page brand strategy backed by a methodological approach.

Derek Spence, Vi3’s Chairman & CEO, remarked on Stratabeat’s process: “The methodology used to advantageously position our brand was deeply thought through, enabling Stratabeat to develop a website that looks fantastic, and a sales deck that is persuasive and compelling – everything really hits the mark.”

4. Elevation

Location(s): Gilbert, Arizona

Website: https://elevationb2b.com/


  • ABM
  • Branding
  • Content
  • Creative
  • Digital
  • Display
  • Events
  • SEO
  • PR

and many more…

B2B Client Highlight: LifeLock

In an effort to optimize the buyer’s journey as it moved from B2C to B2B2CB, LifeLock reached out to Elevation for help. The B2B agency developed a new website to scale the transition and accelerate the conversion process of its enterprise offerings. They integrated the site with Marketo, Salesforce, and Google Analytics, catering the content to visitor needs and funneling site visitors more smoothly through the buying process.

The results: LifeLock saw a 700% increase in website sessions, and a notable 54% increase in leads. The brand’s Sr. Director of Marketing Stephanie Zembal had this to say about the agency: “Elevation Marketing built us a remarkable platform for disseminating marketing information and resources to both leads and partners […] It ensured that lead data is immediately available for action by both sales and marketing.”

5. Torpedo Group

Location(s): Oxford, UK

Website: https://torpedogroup.com/


  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Digital Experiences
  • Content Marketing
  • Brand Creation/Storytelling
  • UX/Experience Design
  • Video & Motion

B2B Client Highlight: Autodesk

In a super targeted direct mailer campaign, Torpedo Group effectively helped client Autodesk engage with 35 key manufacturing targets, instigating conversations with C-Suite level contacts to expand the brand’s contact base and raise awareness as part of the company’s “getting back to work” campaign.

The 100% recyclable, letterbox-sized mailers were highly targeted, with QR codes leading to a custom video message and personalized Belgian chocolates that were patterned using Autodesk software. The sales team reported that the mailer encouraged great client conversations, engaging previously unresponsive contact, and Autodesk reported a 334% ROI, 14% conversion, and 14% expansion of the contact base.