March 7, 2019

Common Mistakes Made by Content Marketers

If a tree falls in the forest… You know the rest. But, if Randy Frisch doesn’t attend a conference, did people there still talk about content marketing? It’s quite possible—but perhaps not with the same enthusiasm, and likely not from the same angle.

On this episode, Randy Frisch, the CMO & President of Uberflip, a content experience platform for marketers, talks about cutting through. Randy explains that you have to “Trojan Horse” your sales message inside a broader, topic of interest. The opportunity here is to create content that your target actually wants to consume, and then using that content as a path to your offering. Content marketing has to cut through and get attention. If not, in the words of Randy himself: F#ck content marketing. To learn more about properly leveraging marketing materials, creating provocative content, scaling personalization, and more, listen to today’s episode.

This episode is especially relevant for today’s marketers. Listen in!

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What You’ll Learn

Why Uberflip’s marketing isn’t all about Uberflip

Randy shares that when he is booked to talk, no one wants him to talk about Uberflip’s technology. Instead, he needs information and a story to drive people to his product. He tells people about the best framework for content creation and does not push his product.  Instead, he shares the things that businesses must do to do content creation well such as centralizing and organizing all content so it can be leveraged. Be sure to listen in to hear more on what Randy says!

Common mistakes content marketers are making

Marketers are falling for the trap of not wanting to overwhelm consumers with information. They are following the “send 7-9 emails over the course of a few weeks ideology,” but by doing this, they are creating dead ends for consumers who would like to know more. Randy says don’t wait for the next email to share more information and most certainly do not create a dead end on information. Send people pieces of content and make sure there are several interesting paths forward from this content. Similar to Netflix series, consumers often want to binge information, and marketers are doing themselves a disservice by not providing a path for them to do so.

Randy also notes that content marketing needs to be personalized. He says that Spotify does an excellent job of curating music to individuals’ tastes. In the same way, content marketers must also create an experience for different individuals’ tastes. By delivering more custom content via email or a website, marketers will be able to connect better with people!

Five takeaways from Randy Frisch on content creation

  1. Have a strong point of view! Be the CMO that leads the way, disrupts the market, and evangelizes for his product.
  2. Make sure your content is personalized!
  3. Create content that the consumer can binge. Allow the consumer to choose his own adventure and follow a path of content as far as he would like.
  4. Keep everything focused on your brand!
  5. Focus on technology last, not first. Make sure you have your team and process in place before you implement technology.


  • [2:40] Who is Randy Frisch
  • [7:36] Top priorities as a CMO
  • [18:01] President and CMO: how this affects marketing
  • [25:37] More on Uberflip’s marketing
  • [29:32] Most common mistakes content marketers are making (and solutions!)
  • [43:05] What happens when you scale
  • [48:04] Episode overview

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Quotes from Randy Frisch

That's what our audience wants. They want you to line up an interesting next step.
A lot of people make the mistake of saying "we'll technology the shit out of this and then we'll figure it out." Before that, we need good people, and a process.