August 20, 2018

How Looker Brings Human Interaction to B2B Marketing

The sheer amount of data any company collects can quickly become overwhelming if it’s not managed efficiently. As a CMO you have to have control of the data and understand how it flows throughout your organization. That’s why companies like Looker exist – to help you make sense of the data and use it to your advantage.

In this episode of Renegade Thinkers Unite, Looker’s CMO, Jen Grant, talks with Drew about why her unique background allows her to understand the art and science behind connecting everyone to your company’s brand message. She also shares why it’s important to simplify your company’s core message down to just a few phrases.

Not only does Jen explain why actual face-to-face interaction is even more critical in today’s B2B marketing environment, she also discusses how Looker is achieving just that. You also don’t want to miss her best advice for CMOs.

Jen conveys the heart of marketing in such an intriguing way in this episode – you don’t want to miss it. (Click here to listen now).

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Why data organization is so important and the art and science of connecting people to your company’s true message

Without a user-friendly and complete data analytics system, critical insights that could be derived from your company’s data go undiscovered. Companies such as Looker provide an easily understood way of compiling individual data silos into one platform that can be shared across multiple employee teams. Once your data is organized in an effective manner, you can then use this data to enhance your company’s ability to spread your brand message. Data that is easily accessed and understood becomes a tool for creative storytelling that elicits an emotional response from your target market – ultimately creating more success for your company.

How Looker is bringing actual human interaction into B2B marketing, and why your company should be doing the same

Jen explains to Drew in this episode that Looker really wants to push face-to-face marketing because of the human connections that come from that process. But she warns that these in-person events cannot just be a drawn-out sales pitch. It has to be about creating genuine connections with people in your industry and regions, which then opens the door for future sales. These events are also an incredible resource for first-person stories that can be shared with your team and customers. In our technology-driven world, actual human interaction events can set your company apart from the rest, and you’d be surprised at just how effective they can be. Be sure to listen to this episode so you don’t miss out on Jen’s engaging story behind Looker’s journey in face-to-face B2B marketing.

The top two “do’s” and one critical “don’t” in data analytics

Because of Jen’s long history in marketing, and her unique background in theatre and English, she has a unique set of advice for CMOs. She suggests that companies get all of their data centralized so that every team can see the whole picture – not just snippets of information. She also is a huge proponent of as many people as possible looking at your company’s data, because you never know where your next great campaign idea might come from. Finally, she doesn’t want CMOs to forget the innate nature of marketing. While technology, reports, and team meetings are all critical pieces of the data analytics process, she encourages CMOs to remember their gut intuition when it comes to taking a leap of marketing faith. Her insights are sure to be useful to your company in 2018, so be sure to listen to this episode of Renegade Thinkers Unite.

What You’ll Learn

  • [2:20] Drew introduces his guest for this episode, Jen Grant, CMO of Looker
  • [2:43] Jen shares her unique background story and how she got started in marketing
  • [4:25] The key lessons Jen learned while working with Google
  • [10:17] Looker’s purpose and story simplified into just a few words
  • [13:17] How Looker’s technology allows data to be seen and enacted upon for their customers
  • [17:16] What Looker’s data processing system looks like
  • [20:00] Where Looker falls within the “stack” of data systems
  • [22:21] Jen shares Looker success story case studies
  • [26:56] The marketing efforts Jen has completed to combat Looker’s awareness challenge, outside of the data industry
  • [34:31] Balancing tailored regional needs to overall company brand messages
  • [37:54] The toughest lesson Jen has learned in the marketing world
  • [39:30] Jen offers her “two do’s and a don’t” for data analytics

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Quotes from Jen Grant

You don't want a sales rep to stand up and do a demo, or show the pitch deck. It's really about establishing a relationship. That kind of connecting people, and then just being there as the helpful consultants, has been really effective.
You just have to "do". Sometimes there's no more analysis. Sometimes you just gotta believe in your idea.
Get as many people interested in looking at the data as you can. It really is important that everyone in the company is data-driven, not just the one person whose title is "data person".
Don't discount the religion of marketing. There is a brand. There is a gut intuition that matters, and it doesn't need to be data-driven 100% of the time.