March 26, 2017

How to Build a Loyal Fan Base

Topline Summary

In episode 9, we take a break from big brand CMOs to hear from independent musician Will Dailey. Why this deviation? Well first, I’ve been trying to get an interview with Will Dailey ever since I saw him speak at a Content Marketing conference in 2016 because I was certain his story would inspire marketers big and small. Second, Will really is a renegade, having walked away from a major record label just as his career was gaining steam. This was an incredibly gutsy move that helped set the stage for his instructive approach to fan building. And finally, I secretly hoped Will would perform on the show, and amazingly, he did just that, making it easy for you all to understand why I’m such a fan!

Meet the Guest

Will Dailey (from Wikipedia) is an independent American recording artist, performer, and producer. His sound has been described as having a rich vintage vibe[2] while having a firm appreciation of AM rock, pop, and big hooks.[3] He has released albums with Universal, CBS Records, Wheelkick Records and JS Music Group. Dailey has released four full-length albums since 2004. His last full-length album, National Throat, came out on Wheelkick Records, on August 26, 2014. It directly followed Dailey’s choice to split with a major label and use Pledge Music to create his album. Based out of Boston, he is notable as being a 7-time winner in the Boston Music Award: Best Male Singer-Songwriter in 2006, again on December 2, 2009, and December 2, 2012, and Album of the Year and Artist of the Year December 14, 2014, and Male Vocalist in 2015 and 2016. The first single, “Sunken Ship”, was a finalist in the 2013 International Songwriting Competition,[4] received heavy radio play and received Song of The Year in the New England Music Awards. The album was released exclusively on vinyl three months prior to official release date.[5] It premiered on Billboards Heat Seekers chart at #18 and won Album of the Year in the New England Music Awards April 19, 2015, as well. In 2009 and 2010, Dailey released Torrent, which involved the artist digitally releasing a burst of new music approximately every three months, and then compiling that material, along with bonus material, as a physical and digital audio package twice a year. Dailey is also a part of the John Mellencamp and Stephen King musical project Ghost Brothers of Darkland County.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to build authentic relationships with your fans.
  • How to keep CRM simple (email and zipcode!)
  • Why sometimes you need to walk away from the traditional path.

Quotes from Will Dailey

  • First of all, we always make sure we’re responsible for customer acquisition and making sure that we are taking care of that customer.
  • I just went the other way and found that working with all these brands all comes down to authenticity and reach.
  • When you say “thank you” to your customer, it’s an amazing moment.
  • To have something that’s made and earning on day-one, gives it this freedom to just be.
  • If I do a call to action to my fans, it results in attraction and that’s something that I stumbled upon.