August 3, 2018

Marketing to Audiences Over 50 and Future Marketing Trends

On part 2 of this episode of Renegade Thinkers Unite recorded live from the PSFK conference, Drew speaks with two guests about how marketers can relate to audiences over 50 and the importance of that audience in today’s society. They also discuss the value of looking ahead in marketing and the future marketing trends to keep in mind.

David Stewart, CEO/founder of Ageist, explains the disconnect between 50+ audiences and younger marketing teams. He shares insights that will change the way you approach marketing to older generations.

Dr. Devon Powers shares her knowledge on future marketing trends and how brands need to be thinking about their future interactions with customers.

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What You’ll Learn

Marketers are missing the mark for audiences 50+ — here’s the solution

“Too many marketers are obsessed with the millennial generation,” explains David on this episode. Few brands understand what older consumers are looking for and they’re missing out on capturing their brand loyalty. He wants listeners to understand that people over 50 often feel invisible in the market, and if your company recognizes the value they add to society, you’ll be well on your way to capturing their dollars.

Focusing on values and aspirations is key for marketing to all ages

Campaigns focused on values and aspirations are two marketing trends that are always successful. No matter the age of your audience, these types of campaigns speak to every consumer. If you appreciate a consumer’s accomplishments and explain how your company can help them succeed even more, you’ll earn customers for life.

Here’s how you can identify future marketing trends

Devon explains that always evaluating your physical and online environments is key to understanding future marketing trends in your industry. Marketers need to be thinking about how their consumers identify themselves and interact with others. Those patterns and trends will dictate how they interact with your brand. If you’re always challenging your assumptions, you’ll be on your way to understanding where marketing trends are headed in the future.


  • [1:18] Part 2 of the podcast recorded live at the PSFK conference
  • [1:55] Most marketers are missing the mark for consumers over 50
  • [8:10] How can you communicate effectively with the 50+ demographic?
  • [16:26] Dr. Devon Powers, researcher and professor, on future marketing trends
  • [23:57] Devon explains why challenging your marketing assumptions is key
  • [28:19] Here are your main takeaways from this episode of Renegade Thinkers Unite

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Quotes from David Stewart and Devon Powers

The idea of where people sit in the future drives everything
- David
The ability to see patterns, to use curiosity and insight to make inferences, and then use those tests to extrapolate in the future, that's completely human
- Devon