April 11, 2019

Effective Brand Tracking and B2B Demand Generation

Payroll tends to be a purely transactional moment between employer and employee, but Gusto is working to shift that to being a “life moment,” potentially one of delight (as receiving a paycheck should be!). Effectively reaching their audience while balancing internal alignment, a hefty tech stack, and their mission statement—to create a world where work empowers a better life—can be something of a juggling act. Tolithia Kornweibel, head of marketing, and her team at Gusto, are up to the task.

On today’s RTU, Drew and Tolithia talk about how to effectively build a demand engine, how to demonstrate value internally to gain support, and how to keep track of your brand through a balance of qualitative and quantitative assessment, all while staying true to a brand mission. Tune in! For more insights into B2B Demand Generation, check out our special report, here.

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Quotes from Tolithia Kornweibel

It's tricky, in B2B, to figure out when the actual commit occurs, when the actual 'yes' happens. We don't have an easy thing, like a credit card entry, the way you do in consumer.
We want to be the 'people stack' for all small businesses in the US.
I have resisted verticalization for the two years I've been here. Given that we're still in early stages of brand awareness, I think there is a real big danger of becoming known for too many things, which is being known for nothing.