April 22, 2019

The Power of a Purpose-Driven Story Statement

What the heck is a purpose-driven story statement and why are they so critical to successful marketing? These are the question Drew answers on the first-ever installment of Drew’s Takeaways, a special RTU episode where he distills and discusses key topics and themes of recent interviews. On this episode, Drew breaks down why and how a company can rally behind a powerful, purpose-driven story statement.

Through the discussion of two such statements—one that worked, and one that fulfilled its promise—Drew helps shed some light on how a brand can craft a meaningful identity that engages employees, customers, and prospects, while helping drive the brand forward. To hear more about being purpose-driven, and to take a closer look at statements like Family Circle’s Where Family Comes First and SurveyMonkey’s We Power the Curious, tune in!

Quotes from Drew Neisser

Think about your company, about whether or not you can, in 6 words or less, define the brand in a way that motivates employees, that engages customers, that gives you some kind of service that you can create, that will drive all those things. That's a lot to ask for a few words, but I've given you two examples. Both of them four words, both extremely powerful.
The process that you go through to get to a purpose-driven story statement is almost as important as the story itself.