February 26, 2017

How Sutter Health Reinvented Their Brand

Topline Summary

Lamenting the fact that the healthcare industry “says the same thing and blends into this mush,” Arra Yerganian is “working to change the conversation” about Sutter Health. To achieve this goal, Yerganian is “leaning in when others lean away” and seeks to “embrace the digital experience and create one-to-one relationships for the 3.5 million people that we serve.” Believing that this promise needs to go deeper than marketing, Yerganian works in “really close partnership with Sutter’s patient experience folks, executive leadership and operations” to “lay the foundation for a new [customer] experience.”

Meet the Guest

Yerganian joined Sutter Health’s not-for-profit network as its first chief marketing & branding officer in August 2015. “Recognized by colleagues as an innovator in residence, a marketing visionary and a customer experience evangelist,” Yerganian has lead a comprehensive repositioning of Sutter Health, which you’ll learn about in our podcast.

Prior to joining Sutter Health, Yerganian served as chief marketing officer for San Francisco-based One Medical, an innovative primary care network focused on transforming patients’ experiences through improved quality and accessibility of care. Before that Yerganian served as CMO for University of Phoenix and held senior international marketing roles at Procter & Gamble, the Dial Corp. and Atari.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to draw upon your company or brand’s heritage while keeping the story fresh
  • How to differentiate your brand by looking beyond your category for inspiration
  • Why marketers need to think about personalized relationships and how to get there using data
  • Why marketing alone can’t lead to brand transformation

Quotes from Arra Yerganian

  • I believe quality and expertise is a given. When do you go to a doctor and expect them not to be an expert?
  • Everybody says the say thing and it blends into this mush.
  • Part of the sea of sameness problem is that you end up doing lowest common denominator marketing
  • What really makes us special and different is how we care for the people we serve both on an intellectual and emotional level. We care for them and about them.
  • We lean in when others lean away.