August 22, 2019

Women in Marketing: Hard-Earned Lessons

In this special episode, three accomplished CMOs share their experiences as women in the marketing world. The featured guests include Kathy Button-Bell, SVP & CMO of Emerson, Tolithia Kornweibel, CMO of Gusto, and Jean English, who was CMO of NetApp at the time of this interview (she’s now at Palo Alto Networks).

While the glass ceiling seems to have been broken for CMOs awhile ago, distinct challenges remain. Each of the guests explore the barriers they’ve overcome and share hard-earned advice on navigating the modern workplace. It’s important to note that these women have been vocal advocates for change, having worked to organize and develop female leaders within their organizations. Tune in to hear more.

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Quotes from Kathy Button-Bell, Tolithia Kornweibel, Jean English

Pick role models that are the type of people you want to be.
Kathy Button- Bell
Things are going to be tough. And you can't benchmark how tough things are for you against other people, and vice-versa.
Tolithia Kornweibel
I'd like to talk about this message: "I'm tired of waiting." I feel like that time is done. We need to stop waiting to get asked to do things, and we need to take control of our lives.