December 19, 2018

You Show Me Yours…

by Alex D'Amore

When was the last time you perused an article, read a book, watched a movie, or caught an episode of your favorite TV show?

Chances are, you do one or more of those things every day. Although some may be dramatically better than others, they all tell a story. In fact, stories—in one form or another—are all around us, at all times.

So many stories, so little time…

And guess what? Your brand is not only dueling with your competitors, it’s also competing against a never ending waterfall of human stories! Is your brand’s story compelling enough to cut through and grab your target’s attention? Are you really telling your brand’s story, or are you just publishing an ersatz grocery list of its features?

If it’s the latter, you need some help. And if it’s the former, you need some help.

The best storytellers in the world are constantly refining their tales, based on the feedback they get from their audience. And sometimes the best audience (and feedback) a storyteller can get comes from other trusted, seasoned storytellers. Kinks can be smoothed over, gaps can be filled. Wheat can be culled from the chaff with a partner who’s invested as much as you are in making your story great.

If you don’t know it already, we at Renegade are professional storytellers. We’re ready to listen to your story and lend a hand to help you cut through.

You show me your story and I’ll show you ours. Deal?